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Universal Health Services (UHS) is an American Fortune 500 company that provides hospital and healthcare services, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. In 2019, its annual revenues were $11.37 billion.

This corporation is exclusively focused on earning the corporate executives huge bonuses on the backs of the leadership of the individual hospitals. There is consistent lack of transparency from Corporate to the hospitals always adding more costs to the hospitals so the corporation can lower bonuses to hospital leadership. Corporate will even change the bonus criteria during the middle of the year if too many hospitals are meeting the targets to trigger hospital leadership to receive bonuses. Alan Miller routinely Corporately pays to have board members join him on trips to Las Vegas under the guise of work travel. None of the board members set foot on any of the hospital campuses. Alan will go to one or two of the hospitals and demand the hospital leadership team be available at his whim. Last time it was 8 AM on a Sunday morning, so much for my intention of going to church. Alan Miller demands you worship at the church of Alan Miller. This is a family owned business and from a corporate perspective behaves no differently than any other family business. From the way the board members are elected to the way corporate executive positions are held.


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Former Employee - Director says

"Profit outweighs patient care Management are unskilled and unprofessional Hostile work environment"

Current Employee - Therapist says

"Low pay, corrupt management, horrible working conditions."

Former Employee - Case Manager says

"This place is so old school and such a boys club. Their administration have spent their whole working life at this hospital and run things the same way they always have. They never change, and if you try to suggest a change, you're called out an targeted. People who are liked, can do no wrong. But everyone else has to watch their backs. It's such a toxic working environment."

Former Employee - Chief Operating Officer says

"Zero work-life balance. Fear tactics used frequently by upper management"

Former Employee - Mental Health Therapist says

"Everything this place is horrible and they have some kids sleep on c-beds"

Former Employee - Transportation says

"Set expectations for your staff to have with clients and then overriding them playing favorites of patients and other staff members"

Current Employee - Medical Professional says

"No cost of living adjustments, no regular salary increases"

Current Employee - Mental Health Technician says

"Bad turnover rate Bad Management this is a toxic environment"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The women are horrible to each other! Very catty and extremely unprofessional. If you even have any decent looks to you, you will be targeted for whispers and write ups because your sleeves were 1/8" shorter than what's accepted, your heels are too loud, your dress is too short, etc....The staff were way worse than the patients."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They are very incompetent with mental health laws, all about the money, don’t care about patient care, a lot of gaslighting and broken promises, lies crossed all over the place. If you don’t believe me suit yourself and research the federal investigations former employees placed against ucbh."

Accounting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible leadership, the leadership team either lacked interpersonal skills or had zero experience. Most of the time both applied to management. When you have a manager that makes fun of everyone and then acts nice to their face it becomes more of a high school environment then a workplace. When you have a CFO that lacks some basic interpersonal skills and will call hourly staff on their time off, there is no boundaries."

Social Services therapist (Current Employee) says

"I have been with UHS for over 5 years now & I keep wanting to believe the culture will change, it hasn’t and it won’t. Administration such as department heads do not reply to emails unless you continue to ask for a reply. Most directives get passed by word of mouth and no official documentation. It’s unprofessional. I love the work I do and absolutely hate the company I work for.Working with patients and coworkersTakes advantage of turnover rate, not competitive pay what so ever"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"You are charmed into believing you have value but owner micromanages every working moment; no trust; he wants triple in productivity to what he pays you; healthcare benefits make working there unaffordable; no mileage reimbursement; too high expectations, only cares about bottom line; no training"

Payment Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The atmosphere and work culture at this place is horrible and if that was better maybe the job would be more inviting but the work culture is a mess and the PTO is trash and I just would not recommend working here"

Drug and Alcohol Counselor (Current Employee) says

"I worked there for many years never git a raise, very hostile work place. The director digreates you as a woman, sexually harrases you with personal questions. Treats you like a slave and takes your money from your pay check as he pleasesNoneNever work there. Owner is a slave driver"

Therapist/ treatment planner (Former Employee) says

"Worked 3 years as a therapist. Social service manager is outright abusive. Tells you to back date notes and treatment plans. She makes serious accusations of her staff members. High turnover rate.. problem at valley behavioral health hospital in Phoenix is abusive social service manager. Makes staff do groups when they are not licensed to do so.very unhealthy work environment. Manager didn’t inform staff of a patient suicide attempt until after programming was over on the unit."

RN (Former Employee) says

"Palmdale Regional Medical Center, OR is the worst! Deserving of “ZERO STARS”....Run! Don’t even consider this place. Note: 4 Nurses new to the OR hired for PeriOp Training all quit! Favoritism, Bullying, Unprofessional charge nurses & a Director who seemingly turns a blind eye to the behavior is what you can expect. Caveat.....”Got what I needed” & left! You’ve Been Warned!"

Customer Service Representative/Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Universal was an overwhelming place to work, they would stack on job duties without asking or telling- they just expected you to pick up someone else's slack. They never reward you for exceeding your job duties and doing a good job, but will always point out when you make a mistake. They never have job advancement opportunities, and you will never get a raise or bonus.1 hour lunchManagement"

Collection Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I used to think that organizational culture does not matter until I worked here. The company does not encourage individual growth or development. Meeting targets was more important than employee satisfaction."

Program Director (Current Employee) says

"If you enjoy chaos, working countless hours, and being expected to work and to be available 24-7, then this is the place for you. This UHS facility is a behavioral health care; locked, residential child and adolescent hospital. Overall this place is not recommended as an ideal working environment."

Mental Health Technician (Current Employee) says

"A typical day involves having to complete work from day staff, being bombarded by pt requests while trying to do 15min safety rounds, getting new admits during busiest times of the night and back to back before one admission is done. Getting told your opinion doesn't matter because the charge nurse has the final say and can delegate any and all tasks to you as a tech. Having management dictate everything when they've never worked a minute on the floor. They staff based on # of pts and not acuity, and that's on a good day; most of the time, they don't even do that. Only positive (for me personally) is prn status: I only have to do 4 shifts a month and the pay rate + differential makes those shifts bearable. I'm also able to get other job prospects due to working here. They use you to make money, so use them to advance your career and leave.Prn, Work ExperienceNo Breaks, Not Safe, Under-staffed, Very Dirty Work Environment"

Cook (Former Employee) says

"one of the worst places i have had the pleasure of working no benefits no paid time off nothing except shotty manager and some okay coworkers it was a mix but not worth itnothingeverthing"

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"I can write a book to describe what happens in this slaughterhouse. Indeed, I can write a book about this place and the people who work there. I would never, ever choose to end up in that dirty, unsafe, dangerous, and careless place. I have witnessed so much negligence, verbal and, sadly, physical abuse that I can go for weeks writing about it. The ratio nurses/techs patients (often 1 tech/nurse will have to take care of 15-18 patients if you're lucky) is awful and ridiculous which, of course, has a direct repercussion on the employees' immediate safety especially when you're working in the clinical (APS) or CSU units. You can see how poorly the management care about patients (even if they fake they care) and employees. They join units to save money on employees (2 techs rather than 4, or 1 tech rather than 2) care a "zucchini" about your personal safety, and lack of care you'll end up providing to the clients/patients. Therapists who are put under a tremendous pressure to take care of 30 patients (this includes paperwork, group sessions, and individual’s assessments). You'll see how therapists show all the time clear signs of distress. You'll start asking yourself how is it possible that a professional, who is supposed to help people who pay to be there, looks like he/she needs to be helped himself/herself in the first place. What can I tell you?? Welcome to Florida, place where these wild, unethical, and immoral places are allowed to remain open. I do not want to touch the salary matter because that is another ridiculous subject. Please, if you like serve and protect humanBoot camp ExperienceSeveral cons that don’t fit in this little rectangle"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"The brook dupont has the worst work environment I have ever seen. The management does not support the staff, and speaks to employees in a degrading manner. The company overall does not seem to care about the patients, just profits. I would not recommend this facility to neither patients or healthcare employees."

Registered nurse (Former Employee) says

"Worst place I have ever worked. Not centered around good patient care. the employees are not valued at all. Hostile work environment, and obvious favoritism in the workplace.hostile work environment. management does not treat you like you are a human being"

Clinical Therapist (Former Employee) says

"As a clinical therapist I was expected to do billing,, nursing responsibilities , collect money, and tolerate abuse from the doctors. Staff was mean to clients and did not take their medical complaints seriously. I would not work in this environment."

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"This place is horrible. The management is horrible and if your in the wrong clique they are even worse. Your life is constantly in danger because of the lack of staffing and training that they give you about the job and kids that are there. They therapists are scared to death of the kids and lie to them about going home which gets the kids mad at us (mental health techs) and we didn’t do anything. Some of these kids need to be in jail for the attacks they do to the other kids but it gets swept under the rug. And some of the kids should not be discharged back into the community because they are seriously dangerous to the public. If u want to have high blood pressure and your own mental break down then head over to Harbor Point Behavioral Health Center.Free lunchNo breaks, getting stuck to cover shifts, life in danger, personal mental break down"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Stressful and dangerous. Management only cares about filling beds. Understaffed, turnover is shocking. Breaks are rare, even on double shifts. Coworkers are awesome, culture is terrible.Dedicated staffhorrible management"

LPN (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this job to anyone who has a family to provide for and/or a professional license to protect. I did not listen to others who told me not to work for this company specifically Newport News Behavioral Health and Harbor Point Behavioral Health. This was by far the worst working experience in my book. Please, take heed and run!!"

Fixed Asset (Former Employee) says

"I started as a temp and did all my hours and still was not converted permanently then I was just left go, they no longer needed my services. No social lifePoor supervisory"

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